S’more and More Joy


I don’t know the last time I felt this human!!

I have such a joy deep within my spirit

everything is so lovely and so beautiful

And this is why:

I don’t exactly know what happened, but somehow something in me got serious about getting better and fighting

I decided to nix calorie counting


forget the scale.

I relinquished my control & hold on nutrition and weight and calories into the hands of The almighty and Loving God of the universe.

I believe that God has created every human body and that he understands it & what it needs faaaaar beyond what I do.

And its strange, God created bodies to be healthy. When I listen to my body, I sometimes find that I am hungry because I need another snack.  Bodies know what to do if we would just listen to them!

The first step was very verrrry hard, and I will admit that I have fallen and counted calories a weee bit

BUT the vast majority of my eats have been uncounted and  full of mental nutrition!! The best kind!


aoie!!!htfn!gtsergtaoidjjt4eoi <Happy fingers 🙂

I have noticed that I have more oppurtunity to love and embrace people when I don’t worry about myself

It is Fantastic ❤

SOooooooo today, my lovely brother decided to have a smore, actually 4 s’mores. lol but as he was making it, I remembered that S’mores USED to be one of my absolutely favourite foods ever. So on a whim I decided to have one as well. I ate it and savoured it with thee biggest smile across my face 🙂

What the picture lacks in quality was made up for in deee-lish-ee-ous-ness

And as I ate it this delicious confection my body was filled with  un-needed empty calories, and my soul was filled with much needed healing calories :)It was magnificent and a HUGE step in getting better

Getting better is worth all the pain and all the stress that comes with it

❤ Kaity


7 responses to “S’more and More Joy

  1. I am incredibly happy for u and ur progress with nixing calorie counting and weighing yourself!! Words can;t describe.
    Do u think you’ll ever put up pictures of u??
    Also, I hope u don’t mind if I borrow the video from ur previous post onto my blog??? I am in love with it’s movement<3

    • Yay!!

      mmmm I think I will prolly put up pictures soon? maybe? Im kinda new to the whole blog world thing so I am not exactly 100% comfortable with it yet. but maybe soon!!

      Oh and go ahead and use the video!! It is such a beautiful video and I hope many many MANY people can see it 🙂

  2. Hey girl!!
    I just came across your blog so I wanted to say hi =) and tell you that
    I love love love s’mores and roasted marshmallows!

  3. Girl, what a beautiful post! That’s so awesome that you decided to give up the control and just trust God. He provided you with a perfect body that knows what it needs, and if you just put your trust in that body, you’ll be fine.

    This is a huge, huge step and even though the road is hard, the destination is well worth it. Keep strong, girl!

  4. Hey Kaity,

    I’m so happy that you’re happy! Indeed, getting rid of calorie counting is liberating although there may be times where going back to it is tempting. Stay strong and remember that you are worth every bit of life!! x) And those s’mores – they’re definitely another reason to live for! Hehe.

    Much love
    Nat xoxo

  5. Such an utterly inspiring post!!! Thankyou!!! x

  6. Hi Kaity, I meant to leave a comment earlier but things have been a little rough for me of late. They’re looking a little better though. =) Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving that sweet comment. I hope that you will keep fighting ED and I’m loving the positivity you have towards recovery.

    You are amazing and inspirational, and you definitely deserve good health and happiness and all the goodies life has to offer. Well done on saying toodles to the scale and to calorie counting! There may be times where temptation may beckon but stay strong hun!

    Much love
    Nat xoxo

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