Poet trees & cakes in cups !



I am so ALIVE!!!!!!!!!! :)D!!:!)!:!_)!:)!:)!:!!  

Lovely ladies, I don’t even know where to begin!  Life has been unfolding so fast for me latley as I have let go of calorie counting!!! INTUITIVE EATING IS SOOO FREEING!!  

Come and Join Me In Recovery and Come to Life!!

There is so much life awaiting you !  

Your beautiful soul is just waiting and longing to come to life!!  

Don’t listen to EDDY any more!!! You are so much more than your body  


If you can’t tell, I am doing so well : )  Operation Restore my Metabolism worked fabulously and I have had so much energy and LIFE latley!!   

Its so great and so freeing to go to work with my wonderful monsters (toddlers) and have enough energy and life to carry them, hold them, run with them, and clean up their messes!  

Last friday I challenged myself.  I gave up my carefully calculated breakfast meals in place for completley free, and completly uncalculated breakfasts.    

I switched over to oatmeal.  

Every morning I challenged myself to have a different creation.  

Free of calculated calories and nutrition  

Free to listen to my mind and my body.  




MmmmMmm so nommy Blueberry peach oats with a pie crust cookie : )


Fresh berry oats!


Strawnaner Oats! theese were my favourite!


I have also had so ososoososos much ice cream this week!!!  

I don’t know why. But Ice creams one of those foods that I don’t really fear too much.  I mean I do sometimes. But I think I just love it too much to give it up!  

Watermelon & Ice cream! GO TRY IT NOW!!!!! one of the best things ever!!!! I also added chocolate chips and some Kashi Go Lean Crisp!

Ice cream cone mess!!

...I went crazy for toppings but i still wanted a cone. lol

A couple of months ago when I was in the midst of ED, I NEVER allowed myself to have sugar.  I think thats why whenever I eat a dessert or even fruit with a little honey I feel like such an overcomer!! Deserts are afterall my favourite : )  

I Also made WONDERFUL! (almost ) VEGAN cupcakes!!!!!  


and I had two today  




So Osososo Good  

One last food picture !  

My delicous dinner of tonight!! My mom and I finally made it to the farmers market!! This creation is wonderful bibb lettuce wraps!! with avocado, fontina cheese, little baby orange tomatos, bloobs, and a toasted pita!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!

 Also I managed to talk to a suuuper cute boy while I was there 🙂  Eating well for my body has given me so m uch more confidence! Not even my mom could believe that I managed to talk to a complete stranger boy. Who happened to be attractive!!!  

YES PLEASE ! I couldn't bring myself to buy one though unfortunatley. My baby sunflower has stolen my heart and I cannot betray it

 I Love farmers markets. ! They are so beautiful and natrual and real and lovely.  I wish I could do all of my grocery shopping that way.  I also have dreams of someday selling my own wonderful baked goods at one 😉  


A poem found its way into my mind this morning!   

I don’t know if its any good, but I thought I’d post it anyways considering it concerns ED and Recovery.  

So without further adieu (lol sp?), I present you with a poem straight from my mind:  


   I didn’t feel beautiful

And I didn’t feel pretty

I didn’t feel attracitve

And I didn’t feel like I was worth anything.


The bones upon my back

And up and down my spine

Cry at to my soul

and say “we’re not fine fine fine!”


This isn’t human

And this isn’t right.

You’re more than just flesh.

Why must your skin be spread so tight

–Across your bones And across your organs

Across your sternum and over

The bones

That make up your hips

They’re meant to be hidden treasures

Unseen to the eye

You’re not meant to float away,



So don’t let Ana, or any other beast

Pile up your bones

As you’ve been laid to sleep.


Lol thats it.  I feel sorta silly posting it, but it felt sosoososososoos great to write it down this morning!!







13 responses to “Poet trees & cakes in cups !

  1. oh wow – you´re very inspiring 🙂 beautiful eats and such a fun post to read! I wish I could let go, too…. the brekkie thing seems to be a very good idea. how long have you been suffering from ed? for me it´s my 13th summer and I have “arranged” myself very well with ana lately – not fearing any food anymore, but still can´t let go the counting….
    again – this was very inspiring – thank you pretty girl 🙂

    xoxo Mel

    • Thanks so much!! I have struggled with the actions of ED for just under a year. But I remember many times when I was younger that I resolved that I would simply stop eating, but different family members always somehow seemed to intervene and not allow for this to happen. Until about this time last summer.

      But oh man, calorie counting is SO hard to let go of! I still struggle with it throughout the day, but then I remember how much more free I feel and I try my best to distract myself.

      Thanks for commenting !

  2. So inspiring 🙂
    I wanna join you, can I? 🙂
    watermelon and ice cream? i never thought that would taste good! I guess I’ll just have to try it 🙂

  3. You are such a sunshine 🙂
    To read about you challenging yourself with breakfast was amazing, and filled me with a lot of inspiration and hope – feel proud!

    I loved your poem, especially this sentence :
    ” They’re meant to be hidden treasures ” – beautiful.

    Keep fighting, you seem like a really positive person – do not let ED destroy that!

  4. You are such an inspiration to me!! I wish that I can one day get to the point where my body can trust me in intuitive eating! Keep on smiling~!!

  5. oh wow. girly. i LOVE your blog!
    your poem. is so gorgeous!!

    and major hurrah on your breakfasts!! i cant get over how good you fig breakfast looks! fresh figs are so delicious!!

  6. WOW GREAT JOB GIRL!! i love this- you are AWESOME! keep up the great work! YAY!

  7. Girl! The post was AMAZING! I’m so glad to hear your doing so well.

    AND that you’ve stopped counting calories!! I’m seriously so impressed. It’s such a struggle, what really helped me was to think about the nutrients in the foods and all the good things it was doing for ma body. Besides, food is not a “calorie” food is nurishment, energy, life. WE are so much more than just our bodies and food is so much more than the labels that we give it. As far as the ice cream goes, there is no better soul food in the summer, eat it proud! I love all your creations 😉

    Love the poem, thanks for posting it! Your so right about us not meaning to float away. We’re ment to be more than just the flesh, we’re ment to create, to think, to write(amazing poems like yours), to live, to feel and most definitly to fly. I couldn’t have said it any better than you did.

    Stay strong! Don’t let anything negative pull you back from how far you’ve come.
    Your such a beauty my dear.

  8. I’m a stranger – but I’m so proud of you!!! This is beautifully inspiring, calorie counting was one of the hardest things for me to let go, so way to go!

    Your eats look amazing, and omg ice cream!!! Now I want some =P The poem is perfect, no kidding!!

    Looking forward to reading more!
    Paola ❤

  9. Hey!! I just recently found your blog, and I am currently struggling with an ED as well. Your words are truly inspiring, enriching, and AMAZING! I also think it’s wonderful that you’ve been challenging yourself. I feel like every time I do so, I feel a little bit of freedom from ED and that feeling is so great!

    Thank you for inspiring me with your words, I look forward to future posts! And keep it up, it sounds like your doing great fighting!! 🙂

  10. I love you’re poem, it sounds so liberating, and ya know, it doesn’t matter if it sounds like shakespeare wrote it (or something of that nature) because the idea behind poetry is to express your feelings, not necessarily please someone.

    I love ice cream, but it’s a huge challenge for me! =P

    I actually got this awesome Idea…I’m catering a party for my friend’s graduation in a few weeks and I was planning the menu…Cupcakes in Ice Cream cones? i think yes! Then the frosting on top will look like ice cream, with sprinkles and a cherry! random, i know, but your post made me think of it =P

    Love Love lovE!

  11. Wow!
    I think I’m going to try to let go of calorie counting as of…NOW! You just inspired me to do so, after all, I know if I don’t get enough cals, I’ll be hungry, thereford I know I’ll have to eat more and vice-versa, so there’s nothing to fear 🙂

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