So as I was ever so casually peruseing my FB pictures, I came across this one and had to share it with you all.  It sparked a HUGE realization/discovery.


ED lied.

I actually look Healthy.

My body was beautiful. And I was freee.

Im going to get better. Im going to eat normal. Im going to eat enough. Im going to have days were I eat too much. And Im going to LIVE.



10 responses to “DISCOVERY

  1. Amen, sister!
    You will live through it all, and you will come out the other side with the most amazing view on life.

    You will be free.

  2. I love this post, and the one before. You are amazing, and beautiful, and strong.
    Ed’s ugly and stupid, and we’ll kick him out of our lives, won’t we 😉

  3. This post makes me happy. I know you’ll be back to that carefree, bubble blowing girl soon! x

  4. This is such a jolly post. I feel like this sometimes, too, and It’s so amazing. I hope this feeling lasts forever for you (that is, until you are free once and for all) and I hope that you follow through with your pledges. We’ve both tasted life again, so let’s go get it!

    And by the way, you look absolutely gorgeous in that photo, and very carefree and definitely not fat or too big. ED IS A BIG STUPID MEAN LIAR! You are beautiful and always have been.


  5. I’m so happy for you!!! This is an amazing discovery and I’m so glad you have been able to come across this realization. You are GORGEOUS and beautiful in every way possible, and I hope that you continue to fight for and stay true to yourself. Lots of love, happy thoughts, and hugs 🙂 FUCK ED

  6. Ahhh yes you will! XD I’m loving the optimism!
    That picture of you is beautiful!

  7. That is a beautiful picture! You are perfect just the way you are 🙂 What an excellent discovery. ❤
    Also I envy your hair like whoaaaa.

  8. YESSSS! This post was so simple, yet said so much. You’re amazing and so gorgeous! You WILL get better! You deserve to live life the way YOU want to! So happy you had this realization! Hope you had a great day!


    ED fucking SUCKS. he manipulates, lies, obsesses, and OWNS our souls. break free, youre life is worth it . YOU are worth it.

    youre a ROCK STAR, don’t forget it.

    thinking of you

    hope you have a splendid sunday, dear
    love, becca

  10. just discovered your blog…and you are gorgeous 🙂

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