Hey guys!!!

Sorry for my lack of posting.  I have been SO busy!

Me and my roomies cute little fridge :))))

I am actually LOVING college life. lol such a HUGE difference since my last post.



I'm stocked up to beat EDs voice

I have had ice cream every single night ! I have eaten white bread because no other is avaliable! I have eaten ENOUGH! I have eaten MORE than enough! I have been spontaneous and eaten candy at a movie! I have chewed gum! I’ve snacked and tried new things! !!! I HAVE NOT WEIGHED MYSELF IN WHO KNOWS HOW LONG! AND I DON’T WANT TO!

YUMMY breakfast 🙂

Im alive.

I feel it.


The first couple days of actually meeting my calorie requirements were dark and scary.

Shelves 🙂

But as I kept/keep pushing through, I get stronger and stronger and BETTER.


Much of my self doubt is going away.  Im learning how to interact with others better.

MY FIRST! but not only 🙂

Seriously girlies (guys?) Anorexia sucks.  It kills your mind and your soul.  Its so over rated.  Who needs anorexia when you can be full of life and living!!! FOOD IS JUST FOOD! Once you begin eating enough, I have found that food obsession goes away! Its fantastic!!!

LUCILLE! my dad mailed me a baby guitar since I couldn't bring my big one 🙂

So join me in this celebration of life!! Join me in beating anorexia!! Join me in LETTING GO! Join me in being alive.

Lol I am still colouring in college. This was for my speech class.

This is as close to cooking as I get. Oatmeal with sprinkles

And I watch this while I enjoy my sprinkley oatmeal


I was eating breakfast one morning and I turned around and saw none other than A LEMON TREE!!! yay!


I have a pet lizard who hangs out on my window. He is fully alive and comes and goes as he pleases. But I see him EVERYDAY! His name is Richard or Dick for short 🙂


All My Love


3 responses to “Happy

  1. Seeing people truly embrace life and put Anorexia behind them is so, so inspiring and motivating.
    Life is for living, and you are doing just that by letting go of the hold anorexia had on you, and becoming who you truly are.

    It’s all well and good for us to be proud of you, but what matters most is if you are proud of yourself, which you should be!

    You are amazing.
    Never, ever forget that.


  2. YEAH GIRL! Even after I read your last post, I knew you still had the strength in you to fight for an ED free life. It makes me so happy to know that you’re living it up in college, and not letting that stupid voice hold you back from enjoying food or friends. Keep going strong!

  3. OH MY GOD YES! I am so glad things are getting more positive. This is inspiring me so much. I’m working hard at letting go of ANOREXIA altogether because YES it does suck. I have been kind of hanging on to it lately yet denying this fact in my head and reading this reminds me of those few tastes I’ve had that were ED free x 100% and I miss them and I want that! It’s so much better and it reminds me that there is nothing good about anorexia and all and I’m going to get back to that place right away. Yes! Life does not exist if Anorexia is there. Thank you so much for this post.

    I’m also glad you posted because it says that you’re having a good time and that’s so awesome. I’m so glad for you! Gosh it’s SO MUCH better than your last post! And I love your dress and that lemon tree and ice cream! YES! Keep going to the beach and eating ice cream and being fun.

    Calories are so important for feeling good. When you’re even a little under, ED knows it and then you start to feel it. Don’t let that happen! I mustn’t either. Like I said, this post reminded me so much and was like “Uhhh, get rid of ED cuz (s)he’s coming back in!” Thank you and I’m so glad you’re doing well!!!!


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