Here I am

Hello Love : )

My name is Kaity

I am just a hugh man being

trying to find my way.

I am:

A Lover

A follower of Jesus

A generally joyful person

who struggles with disordered thoughts

that lead to disordered eating.

But I will get better & I will be revived.

This is my journey to find my life ❤ : )


5 responses to “Here I am

  1. you are so beautiful!

    just reading how much joy you get from what God gives us made my day so much better. you are an incredible gift! i don’t think you WILL get better – i think you are well on your way NOW!!!

  2. You. are. LOVELY! Your faith in God, your cheerful attitude…just so inspiring and uplifting. Things definitely WILL get better:)


  3. Kaity!! Hey girl! It’s so nice to meet you. Your blog is lovely too! I have to say, I was elated when I got your comment. I love your disposition, keep positive, it’s a beautiful thing. I look forward to following you.

  4. love your optimism! thanks for adding me to your blogroll, i look forward to reading more (:

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